Our Staff


Our team at Core Prospects thrives on the strengths of the vast experience and diverse skill set of our staff.

The Management Team

The day-to-day running of our service is overseen by highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in Health and Social Care. Our directors have a strong business background with several years experience of working in various healthcare services, including a forensic setting promoting the social development and psychological wellbeing required for rehabilitation of ex-offenders.

Members of the team have over 50 years combined experience and are experts in the field of providing the support needed to promote recovery for adults living with complex needs.

Core Prospects has an in-house counsellor and other specialists who work with us to provide quality services for our service users.

Dedicated Key Workers

Each of our service users has a dedicated key worker who works directly with them to meet their needs while putting the choices and progress of the service user at the forefront of what we do.

Our team is always up to date on the latest health and safety issues. All our care workers are experienced and trained in Health and Social Care.

The Recovery Support Workers that Core Prospects employs are trained, supervised and supported to ensure that they provide a quality service. In so doing, we observe recruitment policies and practices which both respect equal opportunities and protect service users’ safety and welfare.